About Ani Klang


“Empowering” is my trigger word.

Ani Klang is an experimental club music producer, DJ, and visual artist from New York City. Simply put, Ani makes and plays distorted, head-spinning club tracks at almost any BPM.

After graduating from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in 2017, Ani began spreading her signature soul-savaging club music to dance floors around the world. Her high-octane, genre-bending tracks woven with industrial textures and intricate rhythms have caught the attention of labels like Infinite Machine and Knightwerk, the former of which released her Debut EP “Worst of All Time” in September, 2017. Since then, she released another EP called “RAPACIOUS” on Knightwerk and has remixed artists like Tropical Interface, Johnathan Thomas, Alan Vega, Fibertalk, and more. She was also recently selected as one of 18 rising artists on Berlin Music Commission’s annual “Listen to Berlin” compilation. After playing shows in NYC, Austin, Berlin, Prague and Brno, she is hard at work in Berlin completing numerous mixes, collaborations, and another album to be debuted on her 2019 UK tour. Her ‘Klangviolence’ radio show on Reform Radio (Manchester) maps out a clearly defined, hard edged cross genre sound packed with dance floor gems.

With her fiercely energetic club tracks infused with avant-garde sound design, hammering drums, and bursts of demonic, distorted samples from around the globe, her music aims to invigorate, innovate, and infuriate the blossoming genre of experimental club music.