About Ani Klang


“Empowering” is my trigger word.

Ani Klang is an experimental club music producer, DJ, and visual artist. Hailing from New York but now based in Berlin, she crafts heavy, hard-hitting sounds, as heard on her debut EP Worst of All Time on Infinite Machine, and RAPACIOUS on Knightwerk.

A graduate of the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Klang’s productions weave together relentless kick drums with intricate sound design. Her fiercely energetic club tracks are infused with avant-garde sonics, hammering percussion, and bursts of demonic, distorted samples from an eclectic range of analog and internet-based sources. As a DJ, she can be relied on to consistently bring the hardest sounds to the dance floor. Ani Klang’s music aims to invigorate, innovate, and infuriate the blossoming genre of experimental club music.

This year, she debuted her upcoming, unreleased EP “THIS IS NOT POLITICAL” at Berghain at CTM Festival’s 20th Anniversary. She has remixed artists like Tropical Interface, Johnathan Thomas, Alan Vega, Fibertalk, and more. She was also selected as one of 18 rising artists on Berlin Music Commission’s annual “Listen to Berlin” compilation. The debut episode of her ‘Klangviolence’ radio show on Reform Radio (Manchester), was selected as one of the top mixes of November 2018 by FACT, as it maps out a clearly defined, hard edged cross genre sound packed with dance floor gems.